Farmer tied to tree for not repaying- Samantha reacts


A 63 year old farmer was tied to a coconut tree for the whole night for not repaying Rs 1800 he has taken as a loan a month ago. This incident happened in a village in Karnataka, and the farmer got released by next day morning with the help of police and local leaders. Sharing this news, heroine Samantha expressed her anger, by asking everyone to at least ‘share’ such news.

Samantha says, “For the people who read articles like these and think ‘thank God it’s not us’.Yes thank God by SHARING.  Be worth it! So often the ‘I deserve it’  attitude overshadows what should be the ‘am I worth it’ attitude.  The latter brings about a better YOU”

For a glamorous heroine who is always busy taking up homely and spicy roles, her philanthropy and social service always speaks tall and these statements do more to it. samantha-farmers