Fashion Designer creates an impact!


Director Vamsy, is known for presenting Godavari and heroines in the most beautiful way possible. His eye and usage of technology proved to be the best possible one, Telugu Cinema has ever seen over almost thirty years.

He started off with Manchu Pallaki, Sitara but really came to his own with Ladies Tailor. The movie became a huge life turning event in the careers of actors, Rajendra Prasad, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Kallu Chidambaram, Mallikarjuna Rao. The borderline adult comedy created huge sensation and the humble setting became a trendsetter as well. With such a success, the director then made Anveshana, a suspense thriller that once again introduced his penchant to use village characters to the best of the abilities.

He continued to impress with Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Recording Dance Troupe, Maharshi and many more. After long hiatus from movies, he cameback with Avunu Valliddaru Ishtapaddaru. But the director could not keep his momentum going with next movies. So, when he announced Fashion Designer S/O Ladies Tailor, as the sequel for his 30 year old classic, many did not show much interest. On top of that, the first promotional photo where Sumanth Ashwin takes Amisha Ambrose’s measurements created quite a controversy and the producer, Madhura Sreedhar had to apologise too.

But the promotion seems to have caught on very much. We can see many fans taking selfies and photographs in front of the posters at the theatres. Few people are also posing like the hero taking measurements off the photographs. Well, the movie seems to be set for taking a huge opening on 2nd of June.   Fashion-Designer-Son-Of-Ladies-Tailor