My Father maintained Secrecy: Kattappa’s Daughter


Kattappa-DaughterSathyaraj used to narrate the scripts which has come his way to his family members and seek their opinion. He did the same even when SS Rajamouli approached him for ‘Baahubali’ franchise.

When he told the storyline of ‘Baahubali’, Sathyaraj’s Daughter Divya liked it but couldn’t decide whether her Father should sign it or not because of huge number of outdoor shoots. She was asked by countless people about the mystery behind Kattappa killing Baahubali post the release of ‘Baahubali 1’.

Divya says even she wasn’t aware of the answer until ‘Baahubali 2’ was released. ‘Me & My Brother never asked our Father to share the secret. He won’t reveal it to us even if we ask. So, We used to keep guessing the answer when he was around. My Dad would just laugh and remain silent whenever we discuss the topic. That’s the only secret he kept from us,’ she discloses.