Why to fear Bigg Boss?


Bigg-Boss-ShowIn our Telugu Television Industry, many programs have been telecasted daily, as we speak. Some of them have offensive comedy, few of them look to clear tensions by letting the majority of the participants and even judges loose their cool but never any of our programs have come under major scrutiny.

Even Bigg Boss, won’t have any problem. The makers and producers of this show are fearing if the show will offend people and result in any kind of unwanted drama for them. As Tamil Bigg Boss even though hosted by a respected personality like Kamal Haasan has become a huge point of controversy and many of the people are taking offence to the statements said out by the contestants. Now, Telugu Bigg Boss makers are also worrying about similar situation and are trying to be as careful as possible as per the reports.

Well, several movie lovers are commenting on these reports that Telugu audience are more tolerant than any as even previously whenever there were game shows or adult abusive comedy on Television, they have never complained about anything. Even in films, the adult comedy has been accepted by many and they are stating that no welfare organisation or NGO has ever made any kind of progress with such complaints and even media doesn’t care about them much. So they are asking why to fear Bigg Boss?