Felt ashamed after listening to Rudhrama: Anushka


anushkaNone other than heroine Anushka has made some stunning comments about her tomorrow’s release “Rudhramadevi” which is hitting in both 2D and 3D versions. The film is going to release in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi versions too.

“After listening to the story of Rudhramadevi when narrated by Gunasekhar garu, I’ve felt ashamed. Because while reading about history of South India, I’ve always read Rudhrama as just a queen from so and so year to so and so year. Never I know her tale was such awe-inspiring. That’s the reason which compelled me to take up this film”, said Anushka.

Produced and directed by Gunasekhar on a budget of 80 cr, Rudhrama got tax exemption in Telangana and our director is going to meet AP CM Chandrababu tomorrow.