Female Playback Singer Makes Shocking Revelations


Singer-PranaviPopular female playback singer Pranavi, who has sung many songs in Telugu cinema and also won many awards including the prestigious Nandi Award, made shocking revelations about the remunerations of singers.

In her interview with Idream YouTube channel, Pranavi said that they usually pay Rs. 5000 per song!

“There are people that offer Rs. 1000 and Rs. 3000 too. There are a few singers that are ready to sing for free, hence, producers aren’t ready to pay more for a playback singer.

I get more if I sing for an ad jingle or a television serial (Rs. 30000). But in movies, my remuneration is fixed… Five Thousand rupees it is,” she said with a sarcastic smile.

“There are a few makers that pay according to our worth. For instance, Pelli Chupulu producers paid me Rs. 15000 for a song even though it is a small budget film made on a very tight budget. Some big production houses bargain on paying Rs. 5000 too,” Pranavi stated.

She also revealed that they used to put other singers names like Shreya Goshal for the songs that are originally sung by her.

Pranavi’s husband choreographer Raghu also is astonished at the low payments for a playback singer. He says that he pays more for his assistants.

With young singers willing to sing for free for the sake of fame, producers aren’t respecting singers is what Pranavi says. This would only change when singers stop singing for free she said.