Fidaa First Week Collections


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From the position of having no commercial hit, Varun Tej is on his way to register one of the most profitable films to his name, all thanks to the dream run of his latest release, ‘Fidaa’ at the worldwide box office.

As per trade reports, Fidaa grossed 40 crore worldwide in its first week, with a distributor share of 24 crore. The film is on its way to the magical Rs 50 crore gross mark, which is a dream for any medium budget film.

Break-up of Share in 1st Week:

Nizam – 8,09,00,000

Ceded – 1,95,00,000

Nellore – 48,70,812

Guntur – 1,27,00,000

Krishna – 1,07,74,632

West – 1,00,00,000

East – 1,27,50,000
Uttharandhra – 2,04,00,000

Total 1st week AP & TG share – 17.19 crore (Gross 26.5 crore)

Karnataka – 1,25,00,000
Rest of India – 40,00,000
Overseas – 4,90,00,000

Total 1st week Worldwide share – 23.74 crore (Gross 40 crore approx.)

With Gautam Nanda being the only notable new release, trade expects Fidaa to continue marching at box office without any hassle.