Film Director Attacked By Angry Women


Keechaka-DirectorProtesters raising their voices against filmmakers for a derogatory portrayal of various aspects of the society is nothing new in Tollywood and across India. However, what happened today right in front of the Film Chamber in Hyderabad will stun everyone. In a true filmy fashion, a large group of protesters belonging to a women’s organization called up a film director to Film Chamber and attacked him.

NVB Chowdary, the director of the upcoming release Keechaka, has been attacked by a large group of women for allegedly portraying women in a bad light in the film. Keechaka is a hard-hitting film which is said to be based on real incidents and it shows as many as 15 brutal rape scenes. The film’s trailer raised eyebrows when it was released  last month.

Apparently, the ladies earlier requested the director to remove all the objectionable scenes from the film and resorted to attacking him after he did not oblige their request. The director requested the protesting women to be patient until the film’s release to know the truth.

The ladies even expressed their dissent on the censor board for passing the film for a theatrical release and sought the intervention of Tollywood bigwigs in deleting the derogatory scenes before the film’s release.