My Film isn’t based on any Hollywood Flick


Raj-Tarun‘Kittu Unnadu Jagata’ is running successful even though two other new releases (Gunturodu, Dwaraka) crashed during Weekdays. Raj Tarun is happy with the decent revenues his movie have been receiving on the Weekdays during the examination period.

When quizzed if ‘Kittu Unnadu Jagata’ is inspired from a Hollywood movie, The Young Hero replied: ‘My Film isn’t based on any Hollywood flick. It’s the story created from own experience of Writer Srikanth. When Srikanth went for a morning walk one day, He spotted an Elderly Gentleman who was irritated with his pet dog commented – ‘Ee Kukka Nu Evaraina Kidnap Chesthe Bagundu’. Inspiring from his incident, He penned the script based on kidnap of Dogs’.

Raj Tarun will have at least two more releases this year. ‘Anagadu’ shoot has been completed except for three songs. Annapurna Studios Flick is done by 40% already. Thereafter, He will be shooting for Dil Raju’s Project.