Film makers expecting 2 days gap from web media


Akshay-KumarWeb media plays a vital role in film’s success. With the improvement of technology and increment of film ticket prices, spectators are feeling like reading the reviews before entering the theatre. This aspect made several film related websites enter the limelight.

In fact, this aspect expanded the number of websites in the films domain. Website slowly started competing among themselves to give the movie reviews. In this pattern, few websites are giving high ratings while few other website are giving completely opposite ratings. This mixed reviews are troubling film makers are the spectators are getting confused about this aspect.

This is indirectly reflecting on the collection box of that particular film. Speaking on this aspect Bollywood film hero Akshay Kumar asked the web media to give reviews for a film after 2 days of its release. In Tollywood, Murali Mohan too came up with similar thought.