Is This Film Narasimha Naidu Rehash?


Jai-Simha-Melody-With-BalayNandamuri Balakrishna is all set to hit cinemas in the next 14 days as his 102nd film “Jai Simha” is up for a release. On January 12th, the mass superhero will unveil his lion avatar yet again for Telugu audiences and his fans.

Going by the pictures of the film, and the number of heroines present, in all ways this film sounds like a rehash of Balayya’s very own blockbuster “Narasimha Naidu”. Here are few reasons being raked up by movie lovers, which indicate that this could be a Narasimha Naidu like film.

In his mass role, Balayya is actually seen holding a baby boy, like the way the dance-master character has an infant son in Narasimha Naidu. Already it is publicised that Nayanthara is a heroine in the flashback like Simran in that B Gopal directorial. And then we have Hari Priya and Natasha Doshi filling the shoes of Preeti Jhangiani and Asha Saini, with each getting a song as well. These coincidences are making many feel if KS Ravikumar is making the newest version of Narasimha Naidu with a different setup.

Sources in the unit are however saying that Jai Simha will have a different subject altogether with Balayya styled masala elements. In two more weeks, the feast will be unleashed.