A Film School in Amaravathi!


A-Film-School-in-AmaravathiAfter bifurcation of United Andhra Pradesh to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states, many thought about shifting the Telugu Film Industry to Andhra Pradesh from Hyderabad. But most of them have agreed that it is an Herculean task and decided to stay put.

Now, to promote the Film Industry in the state of Andhra Pradesh, State Government has decided to start a Film School that will shape up the young talents in Film and Television crafts of production. Andhra Pradesh State Film, Television and Theatre Development Corporation has suggested the Government to start a film school and taking their suggestions into consideration, the Government has agreed to appoint a committee to access the possibilities of constructing a Film and Television Institute in Amaravathi.

All courses including production design along with acting will be present in this Institute. And the Government wants to make it as prestigious as Pune Film Institute in terms of Film education. Well, as the Government Order regarding the foundation of film institute is also released, we can say that the works to develop film industry in Andhra Pradesh have officially started!