Finally, Chiranjeevi Lost His Cool On A Fan


Chiranjeevi-Lost-His-Cool-OWhen it comes to public appearances, there is no doubt that celebrities are closely observed by media and enthusiastic fans. But this paparazzi and fan frenzy often gets overboard, thereby creating embarrassment and discomfort to the stars.

In one such incident, it was Tollywood’s Megastar Chiranjeevi’s turn to become the victim of over enthusiasm of a ‘diehard’ fan at a filmy event recently. Apparently, this fan was following Chiru wherever he goes and was constantly trying to approach the Megastar despite the presence of his security men.

But Chiru, who is otherwise very loving towards his fans, finally lost his cool when the so called fan again tried to approach him just as Chiru was stepping in his car after concluding an audio launch function recently.

Chiru warned the fan telling him not to stalk him all the time and even scolded him. It is high time for fans to realize that they should leave their favorite stars in peace at least in some moments.