Finally, Rambabu finds his way to theatres!


Ungarala-RambabuIn many stories, we have been reading and listening to main leads losing out their ways and finding the right path in the nick of the time. Even Sunil as Ungarala Rambabu lost his way and finally, the producers have found a way to bring him to a theatre near you.

Sunil, who transformed into a hero after a decade long career as a Top Comedian, is struggling as a hero these days. Many thought he might fill the void created by the absence of a hero like Chandramohan but his movies have been failing at the box office. With Krishnaastami and Eedu Gold Ehe, not even getting good openings, distributors and buyers are not showing minimum interest on his movies.

So, even his latest, Ungarala Rambabu even though directed by Kranthi Madhav who made Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju, did not find any distributors till now. From a minimum guarantee hero he has become one of the maximum loss heroes as per the Industry insider comments. Well, at last producers are able to sell the movie for a table profit and they are making arrangements to release the movie in August. Let’s see if the long delayed Ungarala Rambabu can help Sunil, salvage his sinking ship.