Finally, Trisha opens up on breakup


trisha-quitFor the first time, dusky Chennai beauty Trisha spoke her heart out after the much in news cancellation of her engagement to industrialist and film producer Varun Manian. In a recent interview to a Tamil news paper, Trisha said, “Yes, marriage has been called off. This is an unexpected one. But if something happens beyond our control, we have to accept it.”

Reassuring her total focus on her rocketing career and her current projects, Trisha said that one should not think about the past much and keeps on worrying about it and should only move forward. Trisha also said that nothing else is in front of her eyes at the moment except her profession.

Leaving her fate to god, Trisha said that she is god’s child and that he will take care of her. In a slightly philosophical tone, Trisha said that things will happen only according to god’s wish and that she is now ready to accept whatever life offers her.