Financier Caught With Top Actress’ Sex Video


Financier-CaughtThe murky affairs of heroines and several influential people from film and other spectrum of the society has always been an open secret. In a latest shocker, a popular Tamil film financier was caught with a video of him having sex with a top Tamil heroine in a raid by the Election Commission officials.

This film financier is reportedly a benami to several AIADMK ministers and he has allegedly played a key role in the handling and distribution of money to voters in view of the upcoming assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, which created a huge storm.

During the raid, the EC officials have so far recovered nearly 10 crores from the ruling party leaders and from the financier’s farmhouse alone, Rs. 4.70 crore cash and Rs. 1 crore worth saris and clothes were recovered. In the process, the officials also recovered his smartphone in which they found out his sex video with a heroine.

Apparently, Anbunathan also maintains close relations with some top league actresses as he also finances their  films and he even reportedly arranged foreign ‘pleasure’ trips to top politicians and heroines. Anbu has been absconding ever since the raid and police are trying to trace out his whereabouts.