First Look: Chiru’s Second Role in Khaidi No 150!


first-look-chiru-s-second-role-in-khaidi-no-150Theatrical Trailer of ‘Khaidi No.150’ is shattering Youtube records already. In just 23 hours, It fetched 2.3 million views. At this rate, The promo will attain at least 5 million views by January 10th.

Chiranjeevi plays dual role in ‘Khaidi No.150’. So far, Makers showed only one character in the posters and promos. Upon closely observing the trailer, We could notice a poster depicting Chiru’s second look.

While one of the roles played by Chiranjeevi is highly entertaining, The other one is going to be that of Hydrology Post Graduate K Shankar. Wearing spectacles, Chiru appears as an educated person and it has got a class touch. Both the looks were equally good and will be received well by the audience.