First Look: Meet Bunty!


We have seen many films where the hero is introduced to us before the release to accept their get ups and increase our expectations.

But when piglet is the hero of your movie, what will you do? How will you give a first look for it?

Well, Ravi Babu the director of films like Allari, Ammayilu Abbayilu, Manasara, Avunu and many more, decided to release the first look of his next movie hero, Bunty aka Piglet.

Even though it sounds weird, when we see the look, we can fall in love with it, as the piglet looks cute.

The movie is releasing in multi-languages aiming at the children and family audience, more.

Abhishek and Nabha are playing other leads in the film, co-produced by Suresh Babu with Ravi Babu.