First Time Sukumar Failed To Put That Sequence


Is there any deficit in “Rangasthalam” which a common cinema lover felt so? Actually, some intelligent critics are finding some mistakes with the characterisation of Chitti Babu, and they themselves know what those are. But here is one thing Sukumar has failed to come up with.

The creative director’s films like 100% Love, Arya 2, 1 Nenokkadine and Nannaku Prematho have given a terrific treat with the ‘credits sequence’ itself. Fans used to wait for his films to come to see what sort of creative title sequence he might have come up with. But this time in Rangasthalam, where is that sequence?

Yes, in this Ram Charan and Samantha starrer, actually Sukumar opted for a plain title sequence with just names rolling on the scenes. Many fans are disappointed as to why he has not come up with a creative sequence. Sukumar says, “Even I’ve planned to do a sequence that will have all the vintage artefacts of the 80s. But with film’s length touching 3 hours already, adding another 6-7 minute footage will be horrible for the audiences. Hence I’ve decided not to incorporate that sequence”.

And Sukumar also confirmed that almost 20 minutes of the film is there to be added, among which are his favourite scenes too. So better luck next time, title-sequence fans!!