First Time: Venkatesh In Dilemma


Venkatesh-In-DilemmaFor the first time ever in his career, this senior hero is seriously thinking for a long time, without picking up any film project. While he’s taking part in various programs, script writings and other discussions, films are not happening for him.

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s ‘Victory’ Venkatesh who is sitting idle for more than 8 months. The likes of Dasarath, Maruthi, Deva Katta and Kranthi Kumar have narrated stories to Venky and nothing have excited him. Though he showed immense like to remake either Hindi film Piku or Malayalam film Bhaskar The Rascal, they too didn’t materialize. Rumours have started to sing that Venky will work with Maruthi, and suddenly a buzz came that Vakkantam Vamsi has narrated an impressive story to him. Well, what is our Daggubati hero’s pick anyway?

Whatever film he may pick, Venky sitting idle for such long periods will not be helpful for his career, as youngsters already started moving away from him due to low frequency of his movies at box office. Hope he comes out of this dilemma soon.