Five Hilarious Comments On Baahubali 2


Whether a super hit at the box office or not, films do face commentary from all directions, some praises and brickbats as well. Same is the case with legendary Baahubali 2 that became the first ever 1000 crore grosser from Indian film fraternity. Owing all the greatness to the superior content of the film, let’s have a look at some hilarious comments made on the movie.

The magical Palm trees:

For many netizens, the topography of Mahishmati fort sounded quite comical. Because in many scenes, there was no sort of trees around the fort, but when Prabhas (Sivudu) wanted to scale the fort wall, the magically bending palm trees surfaced. This confused topography made many throw jokes at Rajamouli’s style of pulling his favourite magic trick whenever needed, sans logic.

Dam breaking scene:

At the time when a huge dam is broken by just the force of buffaloes and oxen, that itself sounded like a joke for these logic-loving Hollywood film watching Telugu audiences. More than that, no fort (Kuntala Palace) will be built near such water body. Also, people got stunned as they couldn’t understand where Anushka and others have stood when the waters gushing out from the broken dam are flooding every single visible place.

Tamanna is better than Adivi Sesh:

The screen presence of many actors went missing in the second part of Baahubali. Though people expected to see more of Tamanna (Avantika) and Adivi Sesh (Rana’s son) in the second half, they didn’t get anything. The most circulated joke about these two is- “At least Tamanna’s whole body is shown in a couple of shots, but only Adivi Sesh’s head made to second part of the film. What would he say now?”

It’s Kattapa Brain, not Amarendra’s:

After narrating the whole story of Amarendra Baahubali to Sivudu and later after waging war with Bhallaladeva, a hurdle stops them, for which Kattappa asks Sivudu to think like his father. Then the scene of bending palm trees to get catapulted inside the fortress of Mahismati occurs. Many joked, “Sivudu has thought like Kattappa, because the story was told by Kattappa, and he doesn’t know it’s truth or not”. A poor joke this is, but still, it circulated big.

Atta Vs Kodalu is always worst:

Thanks to Telugu films and serials, Atta and Kodallu always fight and create havoc on the screen. So netizens say, fight between Atta Sivagami and kodalu Devasena did result in a fight between brothers, expelling one from Kingdom and death. “He may be a Baahubali, but Atta Kodalu fight has hit him badly”