Five Things To Watch Out In ‘Fidaa’


Fidaa-MovieSekhar Kammula is getting rave reviews all over for his latest creation “Fidaa” which impressed mostly with its moments and touching screenplay. While many are saying that Sekhar is back to his elements, producer Dil Raju and hero Varun Tej who didn’t understand some scenes and had doubts on the film’s output are now elated with the result. They are on cloud nine. Here are the five best things to watch out in Fidaa. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here!!

Coolest hero ever!!

When there was news that the likes of Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan rejected this film, many thought that the story was not just great. But in reality, the story requires the hero to play an under-shaded character with heroine bagging the spot light. At a time when no commercial hero dares to do such stuff, Varun Tej bravely attempted it. That coolest move is worthy because, in the second half of the film, it’s completely Varun’s show that catches our breath. He makes us laugh at the same time our heart weeps for him. That’s some stupendous acting.

Accent and dialogues:

Most of the times Telangana accent got used by villains in our Telugu cinema. As some directors like SV Krishna Reddy created that style, others followed. But Pelli Choopulu got hailed for using the language subtly on a different level. Now Fidaa stuns you on a whole with heroine’s pure Telangana accent dialogues. While the accent got mixed inputs from the style of Telugu spoken in Medak, Adilabad and Warangal as well, on a whole it makes you love the Telangana accent. And the simple dialogues written by Sekhar are so touching that you can’t resist recording them on a phone. Don’t do that, it will be piracy!!

Non-Godavari, but Scenic:

When was the last time you have seen a beautiful greenery scape that too from a Telugu state? Only some parts are being shot in Godavari region of Konaseema and our makers are flying to Kerala to wrap the rest. But there is something else that Konaseema for Telugu filmmakers in Telugu states and it is Bhansuwada village near Nizamabad, Telangana. Sekhar’s vision, Vijay C Kumar’s cinematography and Rajeev Nair’s art work made Telangana look so green, beautiful and charming. You can’t miss that.

Heroine Sai Pallavi:

Forget Malaar from now, as we have the new Bhanumati creating a long lasting impression. Especially Tamil girl Sai Pallavi’s beautiful understanding of emotions Telugu people show is completely stunning. While she credited Sekhar Kammula for such a performance, definitely she’s a heroine to watch out for. Without putting her glamorous front, she just bowled out audiences with her acting talent. Especially in break-up scenes and expressing-love scenes, she’s a revelation.

Sekhar Kammula is the Best:

Before the release, there is huge negativity on Sekhar Kammula has he openly stated that he has delivered a beautiful blockbuster. But after the release, one would understand Sekhar’s confidence. He has this knack of picking up those unseen elements in real life which play a major part and converge them into scenes in his films. There are many such moments in Fidaa which will make you spell bound. ‘Communicate Well’ is something we are thought from childhood but we take it easy. And what happens when we don’t communicate properly? Watch it in Fidaa!!