Forbes Article: This Is A Caution For Prabhas


Baahubali-New-posterForbes India on its online edition has published a brand new story, this time exclusively on hunk hero Prabhas taking a cue from Times Of India’s story that he is the new Salman Khan of India. But what has Forbes done is carefully cautioned Prabhas about his next step. By this time fans are rejoicing that Forbes has written an article about Prabhas and that’s great achievement, but what has Forbes written is something we should move our spotlight to.

The article has questioned Prabhas if he would become a Harisson Ford or an Elijah Wood. Harison Ford is known for his Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Air Force One kind of movies, while Elijah Wood is the one who played popular ‘Frodo’ character in ‘Lord Of The Rings’ trilogy. After the success of Star Wars movie, Ford took an adventurous route of selecting stunning scripts and he made it big on silver screen for next 40 years, but Elijah Wood started acting in small-budgeted flicks and TV serials post Lord Of The Rings, thus none remember him now.

If we have to comment now, what are such big budgeted entertainers Prabhas will pick after Baahubali. As per Forbes, Prabhas has to do similar stunning flicks after Baahubali 2 releaeses and make himself a big name and live up to the fame Baahubali has showered on him. Will this happen? After ‘Baahubali’, Prabhas is most likely to do similar Mr Perfect, Mirchi kind of movies but will he get a chance to star in Baahubali like movies throughout his career like a Harison Ford? Even if Prabhas is ready, his fans will not be and who is there other than Rajamouli to make such movies? Indicating a caution, Forbes has flaunted a big puzzle for Prabhas.