She Forced Me To Do Big Boss!


Jr-NTR-Responds-on-NTR-BiopNTR’s decision to host the maiden season of Big Boss Telugu might come as a shocker to many. Especially when he is doing quite well in his filmy career, his decision to take up Big Boss Telugu surprised many. Tarak himself revealed who played instrumental behind his decision.

Tarak’s cousin (sister) said to have influenced him to do Big Boss Telugu. Revealing it, NTR shared an anecdote, “I had never heard of Big Boss until that day when my cousin watching repeat telecast of Salman Khan hosted Big Boss with high volume. She screamed and came to me and said that Big Boss had scolded.  I didn’t understand what she was referring to then. Then I asked her whether Salman had lost his cool. Then she said that Salman and Big Boss are different. Usually, Big Boss should scold, but she told me that Salman had scolded. The whole thing she told me as it it’s another world.”

“As soon as I got the opportunity to host Big Boss Telugu, I had told her about it. She has pestered me for over two days and finally I decided to do it,” shared NTR who was the driving force for him to take it up the challenge.

NTR said that he hasn’t watched the entire episodes of Big Boss as he doesn’t want to get influenced. NTR said that he did watch couple of episodes and he said he is eagerly looking forward to do Big Boss Telugu.