Forget Hindi, Even Telugu Magadheera Is Copied


Magadheera-Is-CopiedAt a time when everyone is going gaga over makers of Bollywood film “Raabta” alleging that they have copied the theme and scenes of “Magadheera” to the fullest, here comes another core allegation that will upset the batallion that is batting for Rajamouli and Ram Charan’s flick.

If the allegations made by SP Chary are anything to go by, “Magadheera” story was copied from his 1988 novel “Chanderi”. He accused that even the names of characters, Harsha and Indu, are lifted from his novel, where he called his protagonists as Haradaul and Indumathi. Adding more, SP Chary said, “In my novel, the two die jumping into a well and they get re-incarnated after 400 years. But here in the film they changed it to Kings and Epic backdrop”. He further added that the villain in his novel is hero’s brother, while it is heroine’s cousin in Magadheera.

After complaining on Geetha Arts at Film Chamber, the complaint was left unattended and Chary now wants to go to Court. Though Chary is suing Geetha Arts in fact, we have to see if story writer of Magadheera, Baahubali fame Vijayendra Prasad will respond.

Some cinema observers however felt that though central point sounds similar, the story of Magadheera has so much to do with Kings backdrop and 75% of the film is original and new. We have to see how this issue gets concluded.