Full glamour even in half dress


Shraddha Kapoor is a busy heroine in Bollywood.  She is giving sleepless nights to the youngsters with her glamour..she is simultaneously busy hitting the headlines with her love affairs.

She is already a stunning beauty.. on top of it, she appeared in a recent promotional event in a half dress.. in a sleeveless white top and grey colour short middie along with a short necklace.  With this kind of short but glamorous dress she stole the attention of everybody at the event. It is known that she is the heroine of upcoming Bollywood film ‘Half Girl Friend’.  We have to wait and see how many youngsters will lose their hearts for this half girl friend with full of beauty.

This movie is based on the Chetan Bhagat’s book Half Girl Friend.  Shraddha Kapoor is romancing Arjun Kapoor in this film.  ‘Half Girl Friend’ is getting ready fo the release in May.  As most of the heroines are focusing on Hollywood, Shraddha slowly becoming a dream girl of Bollywood.Full-glamour-even-in-half-dress