Funny Rumour About Chiru


Sometimes the rumours will be extremely serious that we tend to believe them. But some rumours not only raise the speculations in us but also make us laugh. We have heard so many of such rumours regarding our favourite celebrities and laughed them off. One such funny fake news about Chiru, Niharika and Prabhas are circulating in the industry right now.

Our Baahubali star Prabhas is undoubtedly the most eligible bachelor in Tollywood right now. So, obviously, the rumours about his marriage are common. There was a talk that Mirchi couple Prabhas and Anushka are in neck-deep love. But over time, it seems like the fans got bored of the rumours, the gossipmongers churned out another interesting topic. As per those reports, the ‘Darling’ actor is soon to tie the knot with mega daughter Niharika. Ever since the news came out that Nagababu is in plans to approach Prabhas’s family for marriage talks, the social media channels have extended it and showed creativity in creating the gossips. As this gossip is all over the internet, another mega person got added to the story.

They claimed that Megastar Chiranjeevi reacted on Prabhas and Niharika’s marriage. These rumours are now making the netizens laugh. The media channels might have thought that including Chiru name will make the rumours go viral. However, the audience are getting annoyed with this baseless and fake news.