‘Gamer’ Anasuya!


Anasuya, the glamorous anchor of our Telugu Satellite entertainment industry, has been known for her programs like Jabardasth and even few ‘special’ songs like Suya. While she has been apologising for few too many adult jokes on her show, we caught her being candid with her kids and letting some steam off.

Nobody can believe such pretty, well shaped lady lace like Anasuya is the mother of two kids. But we can see them trying to distract her as she is giving them a tough competition. We do try to ease off all our stress during weekends and enjoy with our family and friends, even celebrities do too. And watching Anasuya let go off her inner child like this made us believe that no matter who you are whatever you age might be you will always be a kid at heart.

Well, Anasuya is right now starting her shoot for Ram Charan Tej and Sukumar film. She said her character will be very interesting and has great hopes on it launching her acting career like that off Jhansi’s. Gamer-Anasuya