Games Of Thrones 8: Excites Yet Confuses!


HBO came up with an exclusive promo which is a compilation of seconds-long footage from the upcomings seasons of popular shows aired on it. The list include World famous Game Of Thrones, Big Little Lies, True Detective, The Deuce, Veep, Room 104, The Shop, My Brilliant Friend, Flight Of The Conchords, Pod Save America, My Dinner with Herve, Camping and Jane Fonda in Five Acts.

Short glimpses of Game of Thrones Season 8 grabbed everyone’s attention because of it’s exciting yet confusing content. Promo shows Jon Sow & Sansa Stark hugging awkwardly when Cersei Lannister looks menacing. Dracarys spitting fire on the war zone is another striking visual.

The Video shows how Season 8 gonna end yet the excitement of the fans only grows multifold. This is why Game of Thrones is so special!