Gandhi Spoiled Me: Nani


Natural Star Nani is on a success spree like never before. His movies since Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy have become box office successes and he expressed confidence on his new film too.

Nani’s KrishnaArjuna Yuddham is getting ready for a release on 12th April. Anupama Parameswaran and Ruksar are acting as lady leads.

The film pre-release event happened at Tirupathi fortnight and the actor spoke about his experience of working in the film.

Nani had a problem with a line in the AV played for him and he said, “I don’t agree with the line that even though I am not from Tirupati, I played the character from Tirupathi well. I believe every Telugu person belongs to Tirupathi. I may not have gone to my parents village so much so that I have visited Lord Venkateswara in Tirupati. If I don’t visit him and take his blessings at least once an year, I feel like that year has gone incomplete. I am a Telugu boy and I belong to each and every Telugu place and Tirupathi too.”

After this Nani spoke about director Merlapaka Gandhi and complained that the young director spoiled him. He said, “Gandhi used to come to me and ask, if even a small change is good in the script. Not every director will give such importance and I am spoilt in this aspect by him. I need to get used to not being treated so important before I start my next film. He is like my brother now and while shooting, I never felt like I am working with an outsider but with a family member.”

He concluded his speech by saying that he liked Anupama Parameswaran and Ruksar characters and their performances. He expressed utmost confidence on the film and said, “I will talk more about the film on 12th April, after release during success meet. I am really confident on this film.”