Gangnam Style Song On Jr Ntr


Jr Ntr is very famous for two things- his dialogue delivery and his dance. Among the young crop of heroes, he has a special pull and charm which is hard to match. Now, to add more pull to his dance skills it is heard that a special song is being considered for his new film.

According to sources, director Harish Shankar is planning to come up with a song which would be inspired by the latest viral hit ‘Gangnam Style’. This number from Korean rapper Psy has become the world famous chartbuster. Buzz is that maybe the tune or the picturization might be taken for Junior’s number.

Of course, there is a strong argument that ‘Gangnam Style’ is nothing new and it has its roots from many south Indian mass masala numbers. But the truth remains that anything which comes from foreign countries we get a kick, even if it is inspired from us. For now, click the link below and imagine young tiger in it

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