Where Is Garuda Vega’s Producer?


PSV_Garuda_Vega_movie_Ever since the release, Garuda Vega has become the talk of the town in Tollywood. The movie not only reached the expectations but went beyond them. Garuda Vega became one of the best thriller movies in Tollywood. Despite the positive talk, the low  collections at the box office disappointed the movie team. However, Rajshekar and team is actively participating in the success meet of the movie.

But the producer Koteswara Raju did not appear in the event. He haven’t made his appearance in the promotional events as well. The last time he appeared on stage was during the trailer launch program where his to stood beside Rajashekar and haven’t taken the lead in the event. Rajasekhar and Jeevitha participated actively. Rajshekhar and family enthusiastically took part in the pre release event, success meet and also during the celebrity special show event.

It became suspense why the producer who invested nearly Rs. 25 crores in the movie is staying away from the limelight. The rumors came out that Koteswara Raju left the movie in the middle and Rajasekhar’s family took up the production as well as the release works. Are the rumours true? or the producer is disappointed with the collections and is staying away from the movie events? has become a hot topic in the industry.