Gautam Menon – ‘Brahma’ The Creator!


In the film, Ready, Ram let’s Brahmanandam believe that his character has powers to create characters in real life. Using his innocent arrogance, Ram divisively marries the love of his life in the movie. That comedy track has become a huge success that Srinu Vaitla, the director of the movie, started using it as a success formula for his next films without fail. It even prompted many other makers to follow the same template in order to deliver a hit film.

Now, social media trolls who are always on the edge to find a right issue or event to use the popular references creatively, used the scene where Brahmanandam completely believes that he has powers in the movie and tries to say to Ram ghat he is planning to create a new world for himself as he is another Brahma – The Creator.  Equating this scene to Gautam Menon in real life they did deliver a solid punch that is going viral.

Gautham Menon in a sense created the couples like Suriya – Jyothika and Naga Chaitanya – Samantha. As the media and fans are busy with the ChaySam marriage celebrations, someone has been able to trace the connection to Gautham Menon. He is man who introduced Suriya to Jyothika as he cast them as a pair in his movie, Khakha Khakha. Post the movie, the couple hot romantically involved and married each other. Now, Chaitanya and Samantha, also met on the sets of another Gautam’s film, Ye Maaya Chesave. Hence, the troll using the scene with Gautam Menon as Brahmanandam is working our really well. We must say, it might be a happy coincidence or cosmic connection, Gautham Menon has been able to give two cute and adorable couples to Cinephiles.Gautam-Menon-----Brahma---The-Creator--1507377765-1308