Gautamiputra Satakarni 6 Days Collections


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Balakrishna’s ‘Gautamiputra Satakarni’ is attracting decent crowds at box office despite a hit commercial entertainer, Khaidi No.150 and a successful family entertainer, ‘Shatamaanam Bhavati’ are simultaneously making noise at the ticket window.

GPSK has posted a share of Rs 30.26 Cr in 6 days in the Telugu states.

Below is the break of share.

Nizam – 6.96cr

Ceded – 6.30cr

Nellore – 1.52cr

Guntur – 3.54cr

Krishna – 2.48cr

West – 2.96cr

East – 2.84cr

Uttharandhra – 3.66cr

Total 6 Days AP & TG Share – Rs 30.26 Cr

If the performance in the Telugu states is commendable, the film is doing wonders at the US box office. GPSK is inching closer to USD 1.4 million and is performing better than the other two competitors. From here on, even USD 2 million looks a possibility.