Gayathri says online abuse growing by the day


Tollywood actress Sri Reddy, who became a sensation overnight with her controversial allegations and protests on sexual abuses and harassment in the film industry, has now chosen the legal way for her next move.

Sri has reportedly said that she will fight a legal battle with the trolls who abused her on social media on her critical remarks on actor Pawan Kalyan and also take legal course to address the issue to sexual harassment.

Reacting to Sri Reddy’s decision, popular choreographer and Bigg Boss contestant Gayathri Raguram wrote on her social media, “Thank you finally I wish I could join you. The online abuse and harassment has gone out of hand. And we are advised to get out of the social media. But I think no we have freedom and rights on social media as everyone. The trolls abuse and harassment should be caught and locked.”

She adds, “I don’t support her actions. But online abuse is growing day by day. These social media spreading hate and abuse should be caught. My motive is not her.”

When a person pointed out that she is abusing Pawan Kalyan’s mother in front of the media and hence Pawan Kalyan fans are abusing her, Gayathri replied, “Well that is problem between her and him. If she is wrong, Pawan Kalyan can handle it. No need of trolls, and to abuse her online. That’s wrong.”