Give Me A Gun, I Want To Shoot Myself: Nagarjuna


NagarjunaKing Nagarjuna took many months to recover from the death of his legendary father Akkineni Nageswara Rao. That’s why he hasn’t interacted with people for a long time as he is recuperating from the loss. During the times when ANR was shooting for “Manam” for 2 hours a days, with the fact that his days are numbered, imagine how Nagarjuna had felt.

Every day when ANR is coming to shoot, almost all the crew used to look at him with some sympathy, for which the legendary actor used to feel angry. “I’m happiest man now. Let us finish the shoot, don’t show me your sympathetic looks”, Akkineni used to say. He used to joke a lot with actress Shriya and tease her. Knowing that he won’t live more than a month, and while he was restricted to wheel chair, ANR still used to come for 2 hours shoot daily. Looking at his situation, one day Nagarjuna said to Shriya, “Give me a gun, I want to shoot myself. I can’t see him like this”. That’s how much Nag loves his dad.

Anyway, ANR’s last film “Manam” is a classic that won hearts of people. Even when he is dying, Akkineni has showed immense passion for films. Probably we wouldn’t be seeing any such actor in the coming times in Telugu Film Industry. Born in 1923, Akkineni succumbed to cancer on January 22, 2014.