Goa Beauty Is Getting Out Of Shape


Ileana-DCruzTollywood beauty Ileana changed a lot after going to Bollywood. She was very slim right from the beginning.. she became more slim after going to Bollywood. Telugu audience were not that comfortable to see her like that at some point of time.

Illy baby used to maintain her perfect figure for years together.. but she is finding it difficult to maintain the same figure now.  It is clearly evident that Ileana is putting on some weight these days. She is presently busy with the promotions of her upcoming film ‘Mubarakan’.  She is sincerely doing promotions but audience are unable to see the fat version of Ileana.  She has put on some extra weight on the waist part and it is looking odd.

Fans are literally worried about their dream girl.. but Goa beauty appears to be not caring about her weight. Fans are wondering why Illy baby decreased her focus on maintaining slim figure. It seems we need to ask Andrew Kneebone about this.