Good News For Prabhas Fans!


prabhasRajamouli-Prabhas big flick Baahubali is preparing for a perfect shape and mean while Prabhas was asked not to sign in any new films until Baahubali release by Rajamouli. Prabhas too keeping his word never signed any of new films; in fact he is even skipping his marriage for this film shows how dedicated he is towards this flick.

As per latest sources Rajamouli offered Prabhas a gift by letting him to choose or start any film soon after shoot of Baahubali finish and there is no need to wait until movie to be released. Prabhas gets a chance to sign in new films for the year 2015 and he will be starting to shoot by this year end is a confirmation by this. Baahubali is not an ordinary movie and there is lots of CG work involved in film and that can take a long time at post production.

Making Prabhas empty until post production completes is not a right thing feels Rajamouli and gives him chance to be free to select his films. Baahubali will release by 2015 January.