Graphics behind Aishwarya Rai’s latest Photoshoot


aiswarya-raiPeople who have seen Aishwarya Rai recently at a party hosted by Subash Gai are in fact shocked with her looks. No, don’t just get to any conclusions, as the findings of some fans are much more shocking.

Recently Aish has done two amazing photo shoots for a couple of international brands, and those who saw her in those pictures have simply felt hair rising. Her slim physique, sharp facial features and possibly trimmed waist grabbed instant attention. But when she attended a party the other day, it is stunning that she is fat as usual the way she looked with baby-fat after birth of Aradhya.

The onlookers have quipped that there is no change in Aishwarya despite the fact that she is getting ready to come back to silver silver screen very soon. Here goes the finding of some people.

All those latest photo shoots that feature our hot aunty as a seductress are re-touched photos. Expert graphic artists from Paris are heard working on those pictures as Aish’s fat look will not suit the needs of those international companies for whom she is a brand ambassador.