The Guy Confirmed for Himself, Navdeep as Gay!


NavdeepControversies and rumours are a part and a parcel of the film industry and many a time, celebrities get caught in this circle without even a solid evidence. Speaking about one such rumour, Navdeep revealed about the rumour that he is a gay.

One particular guy from the US, who confirmed for himself that Navdeep is interested in guys asked the actor about the truth. The guy, who is a gay already had an opinion on Navdeep that he is not straight. So, whatever Navdeep would say, he wasn’t going to accept.

Thinking it’s useless trying to convince him that he isn’t a gay, Navdeep just laughed off at the guy’s thought. That is the funniest rumour says Navdeep who says that gays are there everywhere. But, it is not like they have it on their face their sexual orientation.