You Guys Should Do Your Work: Renu Desai


Pawan’s ex-wife Renu Desai is very active in the social media and she often comes up with interesting updates. It is to be remembered that she has penned a poem and shared through her social media account a few days back. Her poetry grabbed the attention of the netizens and many people got connected to her emotions.

Responding to her poem, a netizen reportedly a Pawan Kalyan fan made a humble request in with a strong dose of criticism. He tweeted to her “Pawan becoming target to political parties bcoz of you… Every time you will come out with half knowledge, you will say will highlight that news. Please do ur work and be happy…dont share anything about Kalyan sir. It is our humble request.”

When Renu Desai read it, she fired on him saying that “Seriously? How is it possible that he becomes a “target” because of a poem of mine? You guys should do your work and not come to my social media every time I post something & be rude to me! Yes,go on&all of you make an issue out of this tweet of mine too.” Several netizens posted comments supporting Renu Desai that she was unnecessarily targeted.