Had NOTA clashed with Aravind Sametha?


Vijay Devarakonda has become a star recently and he is trying to use his Arjun Reddy attitude that brought him more fame to build a fan base that will help him to survive long.

But NOTA proved that his box office strength is more relevant to hits than him actually attaining a base. Young college students are identifying with him but he is not at a stage to really take on a big film like Aravinda Sametha.

Early before deciding the release date, he did contemplate about October 11th or 12th release with 5th and 18th has next best options. As producers and even his fans asked him to release the movie on 5th, he decided to do the same.

This could be a publicity stunt as the team might have decided the date earlier. Still, he did make it look like the team is ready to take on a big film. Jr. NTR fans hence trolled him.

Had the movie with such disaster talk opened with Aravinda Sametha, the movie would have failed miserably without even the recovery that it did now. Always confidence is good but Over Confidence can lead to bad decisions.

He still proved that he can bring a 7-8 crores opening on Day 1 and that is still a huge market potential which can grow beyond 13-14 crores on day 1 with few more good films. May be he should concentrate on that aspect more.

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