It’s all in the hands of Ravi Babu!


Smiling-AssassinRavi Babu has been one director who is known for his unique imagination and different storylines ever since his debut film, Allari. He never looked for big actors and tried to make his film count even with newcomers and made many films within the save budgets. He started a film with an animal like Pig in the lead, Adigo and till now, the movie team did not announce a release date even though the shooting has been completed months back.

To be precise, the piglet starrer had completed shooting eight months ago and still, the movie did not announce any release date. When Suresh Babu, the producer is asked about the same, he said all the delay is mostly due to Ravi Babu. Ravi Babu is a great believer in perfection and when his movies doesn’t come remotely close to his imagination, he tries work on them for months together to achieve that. Suresh Babu said that very trait of his is the major reason for the delay.

None of the major VFX companies in India have been able to work in tandem with the demands of Ravi Babu and they had to approach different companies to achieve a certain output. While few of them failed to impress Ravi Babu, few of them stopped work in the middle after starting. Now, the work is going on and Ravi Babu is busy looking at the final output and giving corrections. Suresh Babu confirmed this and said, once Ravi Babu completes the final edit, the team will announce a release date. There is a possibility that movie will release in next two months, if they can complete the edit in time.