Hansika Allots Four Days For Ex-Lover


Simbu,-HansikaThere are times where some sort of meeting-back with the exes reignited sparks and united the couples. Kollywood folks are right now eagerly waiting for one such moment.

Hero Simbhu and milky siren Hansika are in a deep relation until something has triggered breakup for them. During the time of breakup they are doing a film together titled “Vaalu”. This film hasn’t seen light from last 2 years due to financial issues and one song shoot is also pending. Much to anyone’s amusement, Hansika has allotted four days to shoot this song and she seems okay to shoot with ex-lover. When Nayantara is okay to work with Simbhu, why not Hansika?

Recently Simbu has narrated how got mentally depressed after Hansika broke with him. In the wake of these reports, many are wondering if this four days of shoot will ignite any sparks between them. Since the breakup, both the celebs are single and seeing no one, not even dated. For that reason, many feel that if there is true love then the two will be united. Both Simbu and Haniska are not on talking terms with each other since they parted ways.

Vaalu movie is schedule for July 17th release, locking horns with Danush’s Maari. We have to see what happens to the lead pair’s relation by then.