Hansika React on Suchi Leaks


HansikaAfter years of silence on her breakup with actor Simbhu, Hansika has finally opened up. Yet keeping the cards close to her chest, Hansika said she doesn’t want to talk about it much but said that Simbhu was the reason for their breakup.

Without revealing much, Hansika said that Simbhu’s one word had hurt her so much and she had decided to part away without saying much. “I had just replied with one word and decided to move on. I had thought we both were perfect for each other and we both make good pair. But I didn’t had enough maturity then. I believe whatever had happened was for my good only. That’s all I can say now,” said Hansika.

Hansika also responded to slowing down of her career. She said it was conscious decision to take gap and spend time for herself. She says she doesn’t believe in any number game or races and says she is confident of having her own roles in the industry. However, Hansika admitted losing many offers in Telugu.

“When I had got many offers in Telugu. I couldn’t take up then as I was busy in Tamil and my dates were blocked. I felt bad but I couldn’t do much then. This is reason for slowing down in Telugu. I still feel, Tollywood is like my mother,” shared Hansika who added that she is okay to pair up with a star hero or a medium-hero.

On Suchi Leaks

Talking about the recent controversy of Suchi Leaks, Hansika said she doesn’t want to talk about it right now as she first wants to know who is behind it before responding on it. She added that she neither had a friendship nor enmity with the person who is suspected to have done the leaks.