What Happened To Poonam Kaur?


A month ago when the name of Poonam Kaur popped up in connection with a critic’s critical arguments, suddenly she became a talk of the town. And here comes this hot Hyderabadi girl surprising her social media followers.

This former Miss Andhra Pradesh is known for her short stint as a heroine but one character role where she appeared as a happening hero’s sister spoiled her chances forever. And now, she has come up with a photo shoot where her waist curves are getting more attention while a kid hugging her in the same pose is alarming.

In another picture, she’s found with a bruise on her forehead and that pushed many into thinking. Why is she coming up with such pictures? What happened to her? A buzz says that Poonam is actually coming up with a short film on domestic abuse and she shared a sneak peek of the same.

We have to see how for these pictures will get a sensational publicity owing to the recently developed craze of her.