What Happened To Sridevi’s Lips?


Sridevi-LipsBeautiful actress Sridevi was one of the star heroines who ruled the Film Industry for so many years. One can’t find someone in the whole country who aren’t smitten by her beauty and acting talent back then.

This eternal beauty is considered as the most iconic leading ladies of Bollywood, however, her plastic surgery to nose and chin always remain a topic of discussion. While she looked pretty much same as always in recent release Mom, her other day look at a Saraswathi Pooja held at Anurag Basu’s house created flutters.

In the whole event, Sridevi’s lips looked plump and especially her upper lip looked little plucked. This created speculations that she went through a plastic surgery yet again. However, Sridevi lashed out on the media and claimed that she asked all those people who can’t stop criticising her, to keep their mouths shut. Also, she made a remark that to look and feel good, one should slog it out.

Though Sridevi claimed that power yoga, play tennis, controlled diet have all brought a big change in her, one could not understand what really happened to Sridevi’s lips.