Harvey Weinstein Casting Couch Statue!


Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexually harassing over 30 Top Actresses and Models over the years. After the misuse of power came to light, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science had expelled the Hollywood Movie Mughal.

Street Artist Plastic Jesus who is known for his style of throwing a light on the dark side of showbiz with his creations came up with statue of Harvey Weinstein which he named ‘Casting Couch’. The Hollywood Producer wearing a silk-robe holds Oscar with his left hand while sitting on the couch and stretches his right hand, as if he is ready to grab any woman he eyes. The golden sculpture established near the Hollywood Walk of Fame gives an opportunity for the passersby to sit beside Harley and take selfies with him.

Plastic Jesus who spent two months to prepare Harvey Weinstein statue proudly presents it, ‘Casting Couch: This Year’s Oscar Statue’.