Has Nani changed?


Many aspire to reach a level in their life. Some want to become superstars and actors. Some want to become scientists and some want to be Adminstration and Government.

Everybody wants a comfortable life in the end and for that they take some risks and try different things like investing in speculative markets and starting their own business ventures.

But for actors, who have an image every film is a risk. Chiranjeevi cannot completely break away from his tropes and expect the movie to be a hit.

Even though his Daddy and Sneham Kosam are good hits, they did not become as big hits as his other films like Hitler, Chudalani Vundi, because of going away from his tropes.

So, the actor takes care of each and everything in his films as it is his reputation that is on the line and producer’s money.

He values it so much that he is ready to be called as a limited actor as few people label him, these days, who obviously did not see his films like Rudraveena, Apadhbandavudu, Swayamkrushi, etc.

Now, even though there are many steps, Nani can be called the hero who grew as a star with the inspiration of Chiranjeevi and his image has been growing day by day. Even his budgets and remuneration are growing without a doubt.

Before him, few actors did get such an image with hits but they couldn’t raise to the next level because and consolidate their star image, because of bad script selection.

Even Nani is facing such criticism. His MCA, did not please many who expected something new from him. But the film ended up his biggest success. That shows his box office strength.

He has been taking risks and giving young directors a chance with eveey film. In all his films, from Yevade Subramanyam, he has been working with directors who either had to prove themselves with him or who were forgotten or debut directors.

Naga Ashwin who made Yevade Subramanyam is a debut director. MCA is by a director who is forgotten. Gentleman is by a director who is in flops. Before Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy, Maruthi did not give such big commercial success and he was named as an adult filmmaker. Before Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gadha, Hanu Raghavapudi waited for two years for next chance. Majnu is director Virinchi’s second film. Nenu Local is a crucial one for Trinadha Rao and his next two films are with directors who still need to prove themselves. He produced a movie like Awe.

All this is not say that he is right or he has conquered an image like Chiranjeevi. These are facts and they cannot be denied.

We are always advised to take calculated risks and every actor suggests changes in scripts if they feel so. There’s absolutely no hero who blindly goes with the written word.

So, because Nani got an image trying to throw stones at him and trying to make him look like an egoist star hero, is an amateurish comment without really going through his background.

The creative differences between a director and an actor doesn’t mean that one has ego. It can just mean that two gentlemen couldn’t agree on some terms. We need not look into everything actors do with huge telescopic lenses to make them bigger issues than they actually are.