Has Rajamouli Really Cheated This Art Director?


Rajamouli Manu JagathIt is critics who generally play cricket with director Rajamouli. They throw yorkers at him if they find content plagiarized. Their bouncers hit him high if songs are poor. In swingers are thrown at excessive violence shown and bodyline bowling is most opt to upset the film’s prospects. But still Rajamouli hits a six all the time. This time however we have an art-director objecting the bowling action of this ace director.

An art director from Malayalam circuits, Manu Jagadh, has accused that Rajamouli hasn’t given him due credit despite using his creative services. He claimed that he was hired as ‘Art Director’ but he was credited as ‘Chief Art Assistant’ that too in the end credits. Already Manu Jagadh has worked as Art Director for a dozen of films in Malyalam and getting credited as Art Assistant is a terrible mistake, feel cine experts.

‘Sabu Cyril – an encyclopedia in art direction, a respected personality and under whom I was trained approximately for 10 years; really proud to be one of his student. Yes, I now too go with the statement that I Got Cheated, for i was called for this movie as the Art Director and Sabu sir being the production designer , but been designated as chief art asst in the movie Baahubali on which I felt I got cheated by de-promoting by career level which I had achieved upon my 20 years of vigorous hard work’, said Manu Jagadh, in an official statement.

One wonders if Rajamouli hasn’t credited his teammate properly or someone who has to take care of the credits-list overlooked the work. Going by the concept sketches and final renderings in the movie, we have to accept that much of movie’s jewellery and parts of Mahismathi Kingdom are original imaginative ideas of Art Director Manu Jagadh. Will Rajamouli say something about the issue?